CMP Initiatives

S.No Initiative Class And Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation
School Readiness Program for tiny tots admitted in class - I 1A,B, C and D  all subjects   To Intorduce the Children to the new School environment  Learning objective realized Class Teachers 1.Smt. Devi Nair2. Smt. Jaya Nair3.Smt. Poongothai4. Smt. Deva Kumari
Grand Parents Day celebration  Class I  To emphasis the role of Grand Parents in molding the character of children   Learning objective realized  
3 Community Lunch – Awareness of Sharing   Class II Evs, Maths  Social Awareness   Learning objective realized  
4 Films shows  Class I to V   To provide entrainment and initiate social values   Learning objective realized  
5 Spoken English Class   Class I to V, English   To improve the language efficiency of the children.   Learning objective realized  
6 Excursion to educationally important locations   Classes from 1-5   To enhance the healthy mental and physical development of students. To use community resources.   Learning objective realized 1. Mr. Madhu2. Mr. Prakash
Social works under Scout and guides Classes from 1-5 To initiate social values and faciliate easy informal learning Learning objective realized All the primary teacher under Scout and Guide Incharge.