Innovation & Experiment


Innovation and Experimentation
Class & Subject
Learning objective initially envisaged.
Learning objective realized or not
Name of Innovation with Designation
Parts and wholes to observe the surroundings and identity the whole and post of it.
Class – 5 (Maths)
To compare the strips of paper by coloring them into different fractions. Encouraging students to make their own fraction strips using papers of different sizes. For ex: orange (Whole) and showing the fractions.
Miss. C.A. Devi, PRT
Easy speaking and listening English in Class - I
Class – I (English)
Recognizing words, speaking small sentences. Answering to questions asked small sentences about himself/her self. Encouraging children to make small questions.
Smt. K. Devi Nair, PRT
Enriching language skills through (Grammar) play way methods
Class – II (English)
Able to acquire the skills effectively.
Smt. K. Rajashree, PRT
Comparison of sounds of birds
Class – II (EVS)
To observe, identify & compare the sounds of different birds of the environment.
Smt. T.K. Dakshayani, H.M
Compare leaves of different shapes
Class – III (EVS)
To observe, identify & compare the different shapes of leaves in the environment
Smt. Geetha .S  PRT
To create interest towards the language, to read and speak fluently.
Class – I B
Through playing language game and through flashcards children will learn the language playfully and by speaking small sentences by seeing they will learn to speak fluently unknowingly.
Smt. Jaya Nair, PRT
Enriching English vocabulary through songs
Class – IV (English)
Usage of new words in their own sentences. Enrichment of English vocabulary
Smt. A.G. Raja, PRT